March Newsletter: Brand new website, exam discounts and loads of Community-organised events!

Lots going on, as ever, for all Dutch Salesforce developers, administrators, power users, marketers and for those thinking about getting into the ecosystem!


  • Our Brand New Website
  • Exam/Certification Discount Special Offer!
  • Request from re. Nonprofits & Education organisations
  • World Tour update
  • 4 user group sessions
  • 6 Salesforce Saturday events


This isn’t just a revamp, but something entirely new! Possibly a world first, in fact. The Netherlands now has a website devoted to covering everything happening in the Salesforce community, including a unique calendar showing you what’s coming and how to get involved. If it’s free learning or networking opportunities, and isn’t just an organisation self-promoting, we hope to list it.

See for more info. All feedback gratefully appreciated, just Contact Us.


Are you ready for your next challenge? Do you want to prove to yourself that you do have the skills you think you do? Or are you looking to improve your CV?

Salesforce have a special offer just for us, and only available until this Thursday, 7th March. $200 exams have been discounted to $130 to celebrate the (new) Amsterdam Certification Day.

T&Cs: 1, Up to 3 vouchers per person; 2, You can buy the vouchers until 7th March and they are valid for 90 days; 3, If you take the exam on Friday, 8th March at Global Knowledge Amsterdam, Q-Port Building (5th floor), Kingsfordweg 43, 1043 GP Amsterdam you’ll get some bonus “Salesforce Certified” swag – just use your voucher to book this via the usual Webassessor portal – 45 places have been reserved!

Simply email with the subject line “Amsterdam Cert Day Vouchers” and they’ll send you the discount code(s).


Are you involved with nonprofits (including the Education sector)? are hosting an Open Source Community Day in Amsterdam on Thursday, 4th April. During this day you will be speaking and working with the brains behind the Nonprofit Success Pack as they make developments, in real time, adding features to the NPSP at your request. This is the opportunity to get the NPSP better suited to the needs of the Dutch market.

When hosted in other cities across the globe, this has been standing room only as you get to see the experts in action, taking your views and requirements directly into account, for the benefit of all. have lots of partners already joining for this day, but are looking for end-users too.

Sign Up:



Come visit us during World Tour! At the Community Booth, drop your name off during the day we’ll be holding a raffle at 5pm for Trailhead Plushies and have a free ticket to YeurDreamin (worth €95) up for grabs.

The agenda is now on Salesforce’s website, but the full details of the Admin & Developer Theatre are only available on the mobile Salesforce Events app or in the paper programme on the day. It’s sold out but, for those that have tickets, doors open at 8am with the first sessions from 8.30am.


Tuesday, 5th March, 8.30am – 11am including breakfast!

Have you always been wondering why you receive a donation ask in your email from your favorite non-profit just after you visited their website? Wonder no longer, because you are going to learn all about it!

For those of you who are keen to keep up with new releases, the top ten new features from Spring ’19 will be highlighted especially for you.  Also, we’ll give you a sneak peek of the non-profit highlights at the Salesforce World Tour.

RSVP and more details


Monday, 11th March, 6pm onwards

Karen Mangia, Vice President, Customer & Market Insights at Salesforce is in town and offered to stop by and say hello. We did some research, and realised it was a definite “hell yeah!” 🙂

As well as the usual networking, food and drinks, Karen will be presenting two sessions, with Q&A afterwards of course: When The Trail Blazes You / Success with Less – Salesforce: What’s Trending Now

RSVP and more details (space genuinely limited)


Thursday, 14th March, 4pm – 5.30pm

Join us for an intimate and interactive discussion with other customers to learn how to empower managers and individual contributors for achieving a higher level of Salesforce adoption. We will discuss strategies that help increase the value of Salesforce among the users, thus positively impacting the acceptance and usage of Salesforce in your organization. Session run by Salesforce.

RSVP and more details


Wednesday, 27th March, 6pm onwards

Have you ever come across the buzz word ‘Heroku’? How can Heroku enhance your existing application? Whether you are a novice or a seasoned developer/consultant trying to figure out how Heroku can help you scale your existing Salesforce or non-Salesforce application. Join us and let’s learn together all about Heroku from the start along with some business use cases. We will have two sessions on Heroku introductory and deep dive with use cases. Expected audiences for this meetup would be mid-senior and senior developers. There will be food, drinks, fun and learning served the #Ohana way!

RSVP and more details

AMSTERDAM USER GROUP (second time this month!)

Wednesday, 28th March, 6pm – 9pm

In our regular spot, with more capacity thanks to the generous sponsorship of Validity, we’ll be having an introduction to Single Sign On with our very own Miguel Carvalho; Sergey Erlikh MVP making his first ever Amsterdam User Group presentation; and Kevin Jackson (Belgium Nonprofit User Group co-leader) will be telling us about his 2nd most favourite event ever(!)

RSVP coming very shortly [update: now open], but join our group to be informed as soon as the sign up is live.


These are where members of the community come together to learn about Salesforce and earn Trailhead badges. They’re ideal for newcomers who don’t know where to start, but have heard of Salesforce; but equally they’re great for seasoned pros as this gives you an opportunity to catch up with the latest Salesforce release notes and perhaps have a cup of tea, piece of cake or – if you are lucky and so inclined – an olive or two.

Amsterdam: 9th and 23rd March (and every two weeks)

Den Bosch: 9th March (monthly)

Den Haag: 16th March (monthly)

Utrecht: 23rd March (monthly)

Veenendaal: 9th March (monthly)

That’s it for now!