Community events you do not want to miss in September

FOMO, fear of missing out, reaches peak levels once you are done reading what we have planned for you in September. With topics ranging from Lightning web components, CPQ, and hard-core marketing we will gently ooze you out of your holiday mood and into the Ohana. Open your calendar, block these sessions, and invite some co-workers while you’re at it!

Sept 4 | Amsterdam | Amsterdam Developers Group
Migrating to LWC from Aura framework and CSS personalization

Moving to Lightning Web Components can be quite a challenge. Our presenters Amnon, Rad and Joe will explain how to convert Aura to LWC and present the challenges they faced and the solutions they have come up with. Register and more info

Sept 5 | Amsterdam | Amsterdam, NL Community Group
September Meetup: CPQ and Explore the Muckups!

This meetup is all about determining when the time is right to switch to Salesforce CPQ. Monish Mahalingam (Backbase, Amsterdam) is stepping forward to give us the Admin’s insight into Salesforce CPQ.

Cheerfully borrowing from Amsterdam Salesforce Saturday, we’re bringing a very special session to you: “Salesforce Muckups”. Ever had a great idea that hasn’t quite worked out in practice? We’ll be breaking into smaller groups to learn from each other and to gain some insights on what to do when things don’t go quite according to plan. Register and more info

Sept 12 | Amsterdam | Netherlands B2C Marketers Group
Meetup @Newcraft Amsterdam – Adidas – Gall & Gall

Did you ever wonder why and how big brands use Salesforce Marketing cloud for personalized messaging to their customers? Then this is your chance. Both Gall & Gall and Adidas will present use-cases and share their setup. This is a unique chance to learn from companies that have built solutions with real impact on customer experience and business outcomes. Register and more info

Sept 18 | Amersfoort | Salesforce Netherlands
Innovation Day

BREAKING NEWS: Do you want to hear from some of the best minds in disruption from across the Netherland? There’s a brand NEW Salesforce event. In just two weeks on Thursday, 19th September, Salesforce would love for us community members to come and participate along with all the other #Trailblazers at this day which promises to accelerate your own innovation and connect you with 500 experts in business and technology. Register and more info

But wait, there’s more!

NL Women in Tech will have their next event on September 26, soon to be published on their page.

And for those of you that like to spend their weekends with fellow Trailblazers, eat cake or just score some points to become a Ranger there is also the Salesforce Trailhead Saturdays:

See you (and your co-workers) in September!