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Come along and meet other Administrators, Developers, Power Users, Product Owners, students and just the curious. Our crowd ranges from the experienced to the brand new. You’ll discover an opportunity to learn, network and have a little bit of fun along the way!

The list below details of all the regularly meeting groups in the Netherlands and our neighbours Belgium and Luxembourg (as we often work closely together).

You’ve listed lots of meetups, can anyone go?

Yes. Most events are space-limited, so make sure you follow any instructions about signing up in advance.

Are you sure?

Yes – we’re for everyone 🙂 This is the amazing thing about the Salesforce community. We’ve even got a special word for it, which is “Ohana” (Hawaiian for “family”).

Unless otherwise specified, whether you are a “beginner” (perhaps an end user, student, or someone considering the switch to Salesforce), intermediate or well-travelled, all of our activities are for you. They attract a mixed crowd, so a newcomer can gain a good overall understanding about the available options, whereas someone with more experience will have the opportunity to drill down and focus on key product areas.

Oh, they’re free*.

* the exception being YeurDreamin which is mentioned elsewhere on this website, and is run by lots of the same people bringing you all these amazing groups.

I’ve still got a question

Simply contact the Community Group Leader by whichever method suits you best. Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers, so you may not get an immediate response.


  • Meet like-minded people
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Extend and optimise your use of the Salesforce platform
  • Learn the newest, most efficient ways to tackle process issues
  • Discover new apps
  • Boost your Salesforce career with new knowledge


Trailblazer Community page

TIP! Too many groups to track all them all? With the permission of the other groups, we recommend subscribing to our Trailblazer Community page, as 99% of Dutch posts are cross-posted here.

Email netherlands [at] salesforceusergroups [dot] com

Led by Erik van den Hurk and Rob van Waveren


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Trailblazer Community page: See Amsterdam User Group

Tweet AMSDevGroup

Email TBA

Led by Ata Kahn and Martijn Schwärzer



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Trailblazer Community page

Tweet AmsterdamWIT

Email amsterdamwit [at] salesforceusergroups [dot] com

Led by Bhavna Banodha and Mireille Bonapart


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Trailblazer Community page

Tweet NonprofitNL

Email netherlandsnonprofit [at] salesforceusergroups [dot] com

Led by Ayako Sawada, Sjoerd Woltjer and Zoran Subotic

Belgium Developer Group

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Trailblazer Community page: See “Belgium User Group”

Tweet TBA

Email TBA

Led by Robin Wijnen and Samuel Moyson

Belgium Marketing Cloud Group

Belgium Nonprofit Group

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Trailblazer Community page

Tweet BeNonProfitSF

Email belgiumnonprofit [at] salesforceusergroups [dot] com

Led by Kevin Jackson and Natalia Medvedeva

Belgium Pardot Group

Belgium User Group

Luxembourg Developer Group

Luxembourg User Group

Other groups around the World

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Trailblazer Community pages

Didn’t find one for you? Consider starting your own!

Contact the Salesforce Communities Team or any local community / user group leader for more information and advice