Salesforce SaturdayS and Trailhead Tuesdays, often with cake or olvies!

Our global map has now MOVED and this particular page is no longer being updated. 

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What are Salesforce Saturdays and Trailhead Tuesdays?

These are where members of the community come together to learn about Salesforce and earn Trailhead badges. They’re ideal for newcomers who don’t know where to start, but have heard of Salesforce; but equally they’re great for seasoned pros as this gives you an opportunity to catch up with the latest Salesforce release notes and perhaps have a cup of tea, piece of cake or – if you are lucky and so inclined – an olive or two.

n.b. Typically it’s “Trailhead Tuesdays” in Australia and New Zealand, and “Salesforce Saturdays” for the rest of the world.

What’s Trailhead?

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free, fun, online learning platform. There’s videos and a free, fully featured, hands-on environment to practice what you are being taught about. Come along and we’ll show you have to get started.

What’s the cost?

Free. That’s the part of the Salesforce ethos. Usually the meetings take place in semi-public spaces like hotel lobbies, or coffee shops (ok, maybe not coffee shops in Amsterdam!); if this is the case it’s nice if you could buy a drink while you are there to support the venue, but it’s not required.

And the timings?

These differ for each group – and will be on the “More details” page for each one. Unless otherwise stated, turn up whenever suits you. Some people get there for the start of the advertised time, others take longer to wake up (it is a Saturday after all!) and will come an hour or two later.

Who organises these?

In a word: volunteers. Anyone can organise a Salesforce Saturday. In fact, we’ve written a guide about it!

Can I find out more?

Meetups can range in size from 2 to 22. Often there’s a Twitter account associated; again see details under the “More details” link for each group. Also, if you’ve got any queries feel free to contact the organisers – they organise these because they love Salesforce, and are therefore some of the friendliest people you will find!

The map and/or details are out of date!

The Salesforce ecosystem (“Ohana“) upgrades as quickly as the product! If you spot an error or want to give us an update (e.g. frequency change or new group to be added), just let us know.

Top Trailhead Leader Board

Salesforce Saturday types often get competitive. Who can eat the most cake? Who’s uped the stakes by bringing olives? That sort of thing. Somehow this has spawned Top Trailblazers where you can keep track of your group’s progress.